I contacted Vlad by email and asked for the rates that he would charge to shuttle me from Boryspil airport (KPB) to a hotel in Kiev and for a round-trip transfer from Kiev to Poltava.

The rates the he quoted me were very good and I agreed to hire him for his shuttle transfer services. I also hired Vlad for a three hour tour of Kiev.

I was very happy with the shuttle and tour guide services that were provided by Vlad. Vlad is a very safe and dependable driver.

After picking me up from the Boryspil airport I asked Vlad to stop by a grocery store so I could buy some bottled water. Vlad accompanied me into the grocery store to make sure that I could find the particular brand of water that I wanted to purchase.

I had a very positive experience with the time that I spent with Vlad.

I would also recommend hiring Vlad for his shuttle and tour guide services.

I plan on returning to Kiev Ukraine later this year and I will definitely hire Vlad again for his excellent shuttle and tour guide services.

Alfred from USA – June 1st, 2016

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