Over the past three and a half years I\’ve traveled well over one hundred times with Vlad—short trips in Kyiv, many trips to and from Borispol Airport, longer trips within Ukraine, even an international trip to Moldova. I\’ve also arranged for him to drive all of my visiting friends. He is the best driver I\’ve encountered anywhere.

His car is always in top condition. Seat belts are provided (many local drivers remove or hide them.) He drives expertly and has lightning fast reflexes. He is sensitive to his passengers\’ comfort zone and adjusts his driving to it.

If you\’d like a peaceful drive through beautiful Ukrainian countryside, he\’s happy to provide it. But if you\’re running desperately late for a flight at Borispol, he will get you there swiftly and safely. And he\’s always reliable, on time and completely honest. +353852056257

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