Rent a car with driver in Kiev Ukraine — by Tatiana R. Zaharchenko, Washington, DC, USA

Over two and a half years, Vladislav Kazimir provided taxi services on a regular basis to an international project funded by the European Union I directed in Ukraine.

I chose him over many other drivers available in Kyiv due to his excellent driving skills, friendly character and reliability. Among his duties, Vladislav would frequently meet international experts arriving for assignments in Boryspol airport and help to accommodate them in apartments arranged in advance.

I had total confidence that at any hour, day or night, no matter how jammed Kyiv\’s traffic was or how bad the weather happened to be — my colleagues would be well taken care off and would reach their destinations on time.

Vladislav also provided the project\’s local and international team and myself with daily transportation to meetings and events in different parts of Kyiv and he drove project staff on long distance trips to nearby countries like Moldova as well as various locations throughout Ukraine. It has been a pleasure to work with him and I would highly recommend his services.

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