Uman city is administrative center of Cherkassy region with population about 100 thousand people. Uman located at the confluence of two rivers Kamenka and Umanka, 210 kilometers south from Kiev and 230 kilometers north from Odessa on the highway Kiev – Odessa.
Uman is famous town known worldwide for its old memo, rich and interesting history, cultural and just a good, kind people. Uman city has the most favorable and convenient geographical position among the cities of Ukraine for investments and business development. Located at the crossroads of two major transportation arteries of the country, and now has great influence, as in ancient times Slavish development. Nachman’s Grave in Uman
Rabbi Nachman of Breslov was born April 4, 1772. Braslav Nachman was the founder of Hasidism. He railed against the other leaders of Hasidism, accusing them of decline Hasidic movement.
In 1810, Rabbi Nahman, in anticipation of imminent death, he decided to move and settle in Uman. There he died on October 16, 1810 of tuberculosis and was buried in a Jewish cemetery next to the dead from the massacre during the uprising Haidamaks — Koliivschiny. Nahman’s grave is a place of worship Hasidim who come here from all over the world.
Gorniy Tikich River in Uman
Gorniy Tikich River
The river is famous for its rocky canyon near the village of Buki. Length of the canyon about 5 miles. In the area of the canyon you can find the ruins of the first hydroelectric power station in Ukraine. The beginning of the canyon — straight to the heart of the village, near the monument to Lenin. one of the most beautiful places in the Ukraine.
Gorniy Tikich River flows in the Proterozoic granites, whose age is
estimated at 2 milliard years. Gorniy Tikich together with rivers Gniloy Tikich and Yatran included in the pool the Southern Bug. Before entering the water Buksky Canyon Gorniy Tikich roll with chunks of granite, thus creating a two-meter waterfall Vir. Beside him in the nineteenth century was built a large water mill, from which is preserved only in fragments.
Sophia Park in Uman
National denropark Sofiyivka (Sophia Park) was founded in 1796 by the owner of the city of Uman, Polish magnate Stanislav Potocki. The park was named in honor of his wife Sophia Witt-Potocki and was presented to her birthday in May 1802.
Above the topography and architecture of the new park served Polish military engineer Ludwig Mettsel, all work in the park were the fortress of Uman.
Main composition Sophia park is on a channel of Kamenka, where there is a series of pools and ponds: Upper — more than 8 hectares, lower — about 1.5 hectares, and others, one of which falls 14 meters in height, gateways, waterfalls, and underground river Acheron length 224 m. The park is decorated Lefkadiaki and Tarpeian cliffs, grottoes of Venus, «nut», «Fear and doubt, pavilions pergolas, sculptures.
Sophia park open to visitors daily from 9 o’clock, after 18 hours of the entrance to the park is free. To services of visitors of the many guides.

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