Odessa Travel Guide

Centuries and centuries ago the land which name is Odessa now, was already populated by people. On the western coast of Kujalnitskiy estuary one of the settlements of people of paleolith epoch was settled down. Odessites hospitably accepted and placed everyone who was wondering in the steppe and when at least reached Odessa bay, unexpectedly understood that had to stay here forever, even at the time Before Christ!
The city Odessa was established in the eighteen century and swiftly developed in the first part of the nineteenth century and in the seventy’s of the nineteenth century became the fourth Russian city ( after St.-Petersburg, Moscow and Warsaw) with its social and economic structure not similar to the other cities.
Odessa was one of the largest trans-shipment points not only of Russia but of Europe too and as it had the status of Porto-Franco, until the end of the nineteenth century it became one of the most rich and successful cities of Russia! The basic architectural styles, from classicism up to the variants of baroque and modernism, were presented in the city practically all. Considerable role in the development of the city also the number of people played who were vigorous and talented much enough to understand the potential of the city and to promote the development of its infrastructure. Their names are: Richelieu, Vorontsov, Levashov, Stroganov, Novoselskiy, Marazli and the others.
The southern Palmira, The Black Sea Babylon, Small Paris, The Capital of The South — these are some of the epithets that were given toOdessa! And it was not in vain, because when the city didn’t exist yet and only the first harbor piles were put, people who watched this even then predicted brilliant future to the city, maybe they foresaw the birth of happy «golden city»!
Odessa is the largest port on the coast of the Black Sea in the South of Ukraine. It is a major industrial, cultural, scientific center and health resort of high countrywide meaning. Odessa occupies the territory about 160 square kilometers, stretches for 50 kilometers along the coastline of Odessa Bay and has population about 1.5 million of people. In Odessa here are about 1400 streets, avenues, lanes, boulevards and squares. The scientists say that in Odessa here are 15 square meters of greenery per every citizen.
Odessa Svyato-Ilinskiy monastery
In 1884, as the Russian Compound Mount Athos Elias Skete, was founded by Svyato-Ilinskiy monastery.
Foundation stone of the monastery was made Nov. 10, 1894 Archimandrite Gabriel. And already in 1896 the construction of five-domed church was completed.
Odessa Diocesan Administration in 1997, is located at the monastery. In the church opened a Sunday school for children and adults.
Odessa Opera House
Magnificent Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater is once echoed with concerts conducted by Peter Tchaikovsky and ballets featuring Anna Pavlova. The interior of this impressive structure, which ranks in grandeur with Milan’s La Scala and Moscow’s Bolshoi, is richly decorated in Louis XVI style. Exquisite inside decor in the style of Viennese baroque blended with elements of the Italian Renaissance and French rococo, sculptural groups taken from Greek mythology, the stucco moldings and guilt friezes combined with the red velvet of the seats and boxes — all this tends to create a special atmosphere.
Odessa Potemkin Stairs
The Potemkin Stairs (named after the rebellious battleship Potyomkin) are a formal entrance into the city from the direction of the sea. The stairs leading from Prymorsky Boulevard down to the sea were constructed from 1837 through 1841 to the design of the architect F. Bofford. This imposing monument numbers 192 stairs arranged in ten flights and flanked by two-meter thick parapets. The difference in width between the highest (13.4 m) and the lowest (21.6 m) flights produces an optical illusion that enhances the grandeur of the structure.
Odessa City Garden
City garden Deribasovskaya in Odessa is famous for a kind of open-air museum. The park is located art gallery, which is a favorite hauntOdessans and guests to not only buy for themselves a work of art, but simply relax the soul.
The garden is always nice and comfortable, a large area with pink flower beds, fountains, arbors and benches.
Garden is famous throughout the world fountain of spirits, which every hour instead of water disperses handpicked french perfumer Christophe Lakaren aromatic composition. Also here in the garden, established the famous twelfth chair of the headset work Gambs that copyright of Madame Petukhova, mother Kitties Vorobyaninov.

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