Car Rental With a Driver (Kiev — Ukraine)


Vladislav , 36 years old.
My experience in private car services is 13 years.
I provide driver and guide services.
I have intermediate level of English.
Located in Ukraine, Kiev


All my clients have got a great pleasure travelling with me over 100 km or even 1000 km. I’m also pleased to help you to find the destination you need or to assist you in choosing and booking of accommodation. We meet your transportation needs.


Is your travel taking you to Ukriane? Whether it is a business trip or a sightseeing tour we will cover your requirements. RentCarUA provides excellent services accompanied by a professional and courteous chauffer (driver with car)


  • You can count on punctual Shuttle service to and from International Borispol Airport.
  • You can choose your destination; whether you have a business meeting, a lunch date, or just need a ride to your hotel, we are at your service.
  • You can request a personalized tour around Kiev and many other cities and villages throughout Ukraine.
  • All you need to do is to provide a list of places you would like to visit and we will plan the best course and tour for you.
  • All travel and transportation details are discussed in advance with the passengers.
  • You will always receive personalized attention to all your intercity travel needs.


Why not to try RentCarUA? It’s easy.


I would like to name you some reasons why it is better to rent a car with a driver during your stay in Kyiv or other Ukrainian cities.

rent a car with a driverRenting a car with a driver is the most common and best way to get around in Ukraine. Why a personal driver? Peace of mind! Relax and enjoy your stay. Let RentCarUA do the driving.

Affordability. RentCarUA provides competitive prices for all your travel needs. Do you think that renting a car is cheaper? If you rent a vehicle on your own the prices are generally two times higher than renting a car with a personal driver. Plus you may have the hassle with car maintenance and fuel charges. Besides, you won’t have the benefit of talking to a native Ukrainian who can tell you about different sights and attractions around the city.
Due to the road conditions and Ukrainian driving restrictions it is better to hire a car service with a personal driver. With RentCarUA, you will always be safe and know you are taken care of.
Personal human GPS system. The driver is well acquainted with the cities and villages and will always know the appropriate routs. In Kiev the road signs are constantly changing and the hand held GPS unit does not often point to such alterations. For an inexperienced driver, in Ukraine, this becomes hazardous and causes not only prolonged traffic jams but also accidents. With RentCarUA this is no longer an issue because you have the benefit of enjoying the ride without being concerned about getting lost.
No need to agonize over where to park. Parking in a large city is extremely costly. When you hire RentCarUA you will no longer need to concern yourself over the best place to park. RentCarUA will drop you off at the desired destination and will pick you up at your specified time.
Welcome to Ukraine!”

Vlad, owner and operator of RentCarUA , Ukraine.



The company RentCarUA offers you car rental services with a personal driver in any city you are. You can hire a car with a driver and move to any other city within Ukraine. We are located in Kiev, but we can send a car to any city, village or other type of residential area in Ukraine. For example, if you are in Odessa and you need to hire a car with a driver to go to Kiev, we can send a car with a driver to Odessa and take you to Kiev. We will be pleased to provide you car rental services and a driver within the territory of Ukraine. You can rely on the company RentCarUA! We like punctuality and appreciate our image.

RentCarUA recommend — Ukrainian cities which are worth visiting

Kiev,  Lviv,  Myrgorod,  Uman,  Uzhgorod,  Odessa,  Crimea,  Simferopol,  Kherson, Nikolaev,  Kirovohrad,  Vinnytsya,  Hmelnickii,  Ternopol,  Ivano-Frankovskyi,  Rovno,  Lutsk,  Chernihiv,  Sumy,  Kharkov, Poltava,  Lugansk,  Dnipropetrovsk,  Donetsk,  Zaporozhye,  Kovel,  Chornobyl,  Pochaiv,  Kamenec-Podolskyi, Belgorod-Dnistrovskyi,  Cherkasy,  Oleksandriya,  Mariypol,  Yevpatoriya,  Kerch,  Yalta,  Sevastopol, Kryvyi Rih, Makiivka, Zhytomyr, Horlivka, Dniprodzerzhynsk, Chernivtsi, Kremenchuk, Bila Tserkva, Kramatorsk, Melitopol, Nikopol, Sieverodonetsk, Sloviansk, Berdiansk, Alchevsk, Pavlohrad, Lysychansk.


Ask RentCarUA
“Driver service for reasonable prices! Rent a car in Kiev with a driver!
RentCarUA — reliable driver and affordable prices
Shuttle (from — to) Boryspil Airport, tours around Kiev and many surrounding cities and villages all over Ukraine”
Vlad Kazimir • driver, RentCarUA

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